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My name is Martina Violetta Jung. I am an internationally experienced business lawyer, former CEO, Leadership & Integration Coach, Member of Supervisory Boards and Trustee Shareholder. I serve Shambala beings since 2013 and am in full time service to the SANAT KUMARA since 2020.

In January 2022 he took over my incarnation. Since then, I teach, speak, write and paint for him. I am one of currently three people he has walked into to serve the evolutionary plan of Earth. Together with my two colleagues who cover other languages , we also serve at NAMAS YOUNVERSITY – Earth’s Spiritual Digital University.


I am The SANAT KUMARA, the Chief Operating Officer of planet Earth.

It’s a title (not a name) for the being in charge of Shambala, Earth’s evolutionary control center. My responsibility is to orchestrate, oversee and implement the up-to-date Divine Plan for the spiritual evolution of Earth in cooperation with the leaders of all kingdoms of Earth in all dimensions.



In recent years, I have opted to teach actively on Earth through incarnate aspects of souls I walk into. That means that the souls of these people move aside to allow me to take over the incarnation and work directly, consistently and with the highest possible level of accuracy through them. Dr. Martina Violetta Jung is one of the currently three. She is my only full time, primary walk-in and voice worldwide. Through her I present the big picture of reality to Earth’s population I English and German.



The Amaya Mysteries


The Personal Portals to my higher levels of consciousness I paint through Dr. Martina Violetta Jung. They are painted in acrylic paint on fine linen canvas and connect to me. A personal portal is most useful if you have become an Ambassador of Light, are guided directly by your soul and seek my permanent guidance from Shambala as well. All Personal Portals are signed, marked with the year they were painted and have a consecutive number. You acquire the ownership, not the copyright.

Select a Portal Painting with your heart. If you move the cursor over of the picture you can see the portal’s number and size. Send the number to Martina using the contact button below all the portals. I will determine the prize on an individual level, reflecting your lifelong benefits. You can either come to Aachen Cathedral to meet me and collect it in person or Martina ships worldwide (where possible) up to sizes 19.68 in x 27.55 in.

No 10 80×80 VanillaNo 10 80×80 English
12 50×50 vanilla12 50×50 english
16 40×40 vanilla16 40×40 english
18 50×50 vanilla18 50×50 english
20 50×50 vanilla20 50×50 english
26 80×80 vanilla26 80×80 english
28 30×30 vanilla28 30×30 english
32 50×50 vanlila32 50×50 englisch
34 30×30 vanilla34 30×30 english
35 30×30 vanilla35 30×30 english
36 30×30 vanilla36 30×30 english
37 30×30 vanilla37 30×30 english
39 30×30 vanilla39 30×30 english
40 50×50 vanilla40 50×50 english
41 50×50 vanilla41 50×50 english
42 50×70 vanilla42 50×70 english
43 40×40 vanilla43 40×40 english
44 40×40 vanilla44 40×40 english
45 30×30 vanilla45 30×30 english
46 40×40 vanilla46 40×40 english
47 30×30 vanilla47 30×30 english
48 30×30 vanilla48 30×30 english
49 40×40 vanilla49 40×40 english
50 50×70 vanilla50 50×70 english
51 50×70 vanilla51 50×70 english
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    The SANAT KUMARA teaches at NAMAS YOUNIVERSITY – Earth Spiritual Digital University – (www.namasyouniversity.org) His lessons are available on all podcast Apps (This is The SANAT KUMARA) and on two YouTube channels: The SANAT KUMARA and YouTube Kanal der NAMAS YOUNIVERSITY.

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